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  • Are you looking to break into the movies?

    If you are looking to audition for the movies or TV commercials, we can help. The first step to getting into the movies is to go on an audition. There are thousands of casting directors and producers looking for talent every day and all of them post auditions for movies and commercials. Even the most talented actors need to go on several auditions before landing an acting job.

  • We search for auditions so you do not have to. Our clients receive updates on audtions or casting calls for movies and television from us monthly. Check out the latest auditions and casting calls that our members have received Auditions are vital to obtaining an acting role or a modeling job. Remember that it may take dozens--even hundreds--of auditions before you land the first role.

  • The more auditions you go to, the better your odds of landing a role in a movie or commercial. You can never know which auditions will bring you success; therefore, you must appear for all auditions. Always remain positive and take advantage of every opportunity, especially in front of major entertainment networks. Having an agent can help give you the right connections in the entertainment industry. But in most cases, a good agent will not consider an actor without professional experience.

  • If you are just beginning, we can help you find free auditions for movies and television commercials in your area and guide you through the entire audition process. Even if you have experience auditioning, we have tools and tips to improve your chances. Make sure you show up at least fifteen minutes before auditioning for a movie or television commercial. Be courteous, but don't be too talkative. Don't pester crew members or fellow actors with idle conversation.


  • The Great Do's and Don'ts
    These classes are critical to learn the nuts and bolts of auditioning for and acting in commercials.

  • Irrespective of if you're the most presented actor in the world, you may never guess what some of the conventions are, and having the power to practice them in a safe environment will significantly cut back on your nerves when you audition for the real thing.

  • Different Types of Talent Agencies
    If this is the case you should have them go to Disney auditions by finding Disney Channel casting calls and open auditions for Disney channel. Your kid might become a Disney Channel actor or actress and be on one of the Disney Channel shows like : Hannah Montana, Kim possible The Suite Life on Deck, and other Disney Channel TV

  • To An Audition?
    The work of a modeling agency is to find assignments for models, whose gifts are afterwards used and compensated on a contractual basis. Modeling representatives do this thru tie-ups with other modeling agencies, photographers, booking the roles, billing for example.Thru a modeling agency service, it makes things a lot more convenient for the models. By looking after the latter's business side of things, models can focus only on the modeling side of things.

Current Discussion

  • The word "audition" is meaninglessThousands of them take place each year. So stop giving the word audition undo importance. Break down what an audition actually is. In its simplest form: You go to a place. You do some acting and maybe you'll get to do a little more. It's easy. There is no need to make it larger than life.
  • It only lasts a few minutesYou're living your dream, baby! Treasure it! Remember when you were at home in the suburbs wishing your parents had moved to LA when you were a baby so that you could go to auditions? Well now is your chance. The thing is, it will be over so fast that you'll wonder if you've been abducted. So calm down and relish the moment. You've been dreaming of it.
  • Don't think about the jobThere is something unique about you and an audition is just a chance to share it. Think of getting the job as just a by-product. One of most useful parts of an audition is just letting the casting director experience you, even if (in your mind) you blow it. Over time the casting directors will forget the specifics of your audition, but they'll feel familiarity with you in the future. It's a big plus.

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